Custom Welding Services

With our dedicated professionals as a leader in custom welding, we practice the latest technologies and know the different styles of welding to meet the client’s needs.
Here are the types of custom welding services:

  • MIG - Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • MIG - Stainless Steel Welding
  • MIG - Aluminium Welding

Apart from knowing different types, we have experience in knowing which materials and metals should be welded that will hold up over time.

Press Brake Services

Press Brake is found more often in any metal fabrication company, used to form and bend materials precisely into different shapes without cracking or unexpected curls.

To meet the exact requirement of our clients, MEC offers hydraulic press brake services with multiple press sizes that allow us faster and controlled pressure for more precise forming/bending of metal parts.

Metal Shearing Services

Metal Shearing is a process that uses shearing blades to cut metal sheets to specific dimensions from bigger sheets to suit the client’s needs. Shears have a precise process to achieve almost any shape as the moving blades slice at high speed producing clean edges.

So to meet your designed prototype, MEC has dedicated professionals, equipment, and precision.

Metal Punching Services

In metal fabrication, metal punching is the process of punching holes into various types of sheet metal by pressing over them to achieve the desired shape. Our system provides high-quality, faster, and efficient fabricated metal products with precise holes.

Here is the list of ideal metal punching materials:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Aluminum & more

Metal Custom Painting Services

Custom metal creations don’t end with metal fabrication. It needs to have the right finishing touch.

MEC helps you in giving a top-notch finish to the fabricated metal by offering complete painting solutions that include qualified professionals, a brand palette, and other custom colors that meet your requirements.